Video: SkyTrain boss attempts to put human face on Metro Vancouver transit

She loves the idea of driverless trains, but new SkyTrain boss Vivienne King is on a mission to give transit a more human face.

She has already started by asking her 870 staff members — engineers, maintenance workers and SkyTrain attendants — to wear name badges as they go about their work. And next month, on Sept. 8, King, who also wears a badge, will join SkyTrain attendants and her vice-president of engineering at Waterfront to greet the travelling public before visiting other stations.

“They can come and say hello and tell me their worries if they want,” she said. “It’s all about putting a face to this business. I want customers to know there are people running their railway. The first thing is that our staff is actually going to get out of the office and meet the people.”


Watch the video and read the full story at The Province.

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