Minister attends Deloitte’s “Transit Enabling Livable Communities” roundtable

Peter Fassbender, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and Responsible for TransLink, issued the following statement after attending Deloitte’s “Transit Enabling Livable Communities” roundtable today:

“The issue of housing supply and affordability is impacting British Columbians and the livability of our Province, especially the Metro Vancouver region.

“We also know that there is a critical need for new and expanded transit services to not only reduce congestion, provide vital community connections and meet climate objectives, but to also support increased housing supply, that in turn, creates more options for affordable housing.

“Today’s roundtable was an important first step for different levels of government and industry leaders to identify potential solutions to housing affordability based on the idea of increasing supply through transit investments.

“The research outlined by Deloitte today also aligns with our government’s six principles of housing affordability in B.C. These include:

  1. Ensuring that all levels of government work together to ensure there is enough supply in the market to meet demand;
  2. Making smart transit investments that will link livable communities and make it easier and faster to get around;
  3. Supporting first time home buyers to get into the market;
  4. Protecting consumers from shady real estate practices;
  5. Increasing the supply of rental housing in the market; and
  6. Ensuring that the dream of home ownership remains within reach of the middle class.


Read the full press release from the Government of BC here.

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