Innovations in transit will create smarter future cities

Cities will increasingly become home to the vast majority of the world’s population, but how will they manage mobility needs and congestion?

Smart Cities NYC posed that question to a panel of transportation leaders and discovered that the future is indeed friendly. Innovations in Transit panelists discussed how the most successful cities of the future will leverage personal access to mobile devices to maximize transportation systems and make them as responsive as possible to human needs.

The panel of industry leaders was moderated by The Stewart Group President Lecia Stewart, who explored the importance of technology and data in improving both traffic management and the commuting experience for passengers.

Alstom Vice President Scott Sherin talked about how Alstom’s new high-speed trains on the Acela Express are doing more to connect the smart cities of Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. Innovations in Alstom’s vehicle designs are making commuting by rail more comfortable by shortening trips, smoothing the ride and allowing passengers to stay connected to the people and technologies that matter most in their daily lives.

Cubic Transportation Systems Vice President Andy Taylor provided insights into the many ways that seamless payment systems are evolving to improve access to multiple transportation modes while protecting personal information.  The Cubic approach to smart cities is to generate dialogue with stakeholders so that technological innovations are future-focussed and relevant.

Robert Galvin, chief technology officer of the New York and New Jersey Port Authority, and Adam Giambrone, director of the Brooklyn-Queens Express brought forward the ways in which public transportation systems can work more effectively and efficiently using data-driven solutions that are powered by input from the people who use them.

The Smart Cities NYC conference was held in Brooklyn Navy Yards, New York City, from May 3 to 6, 2017.

Smart Cities NYC panel discussion on Innovations in Transit featured (right to left) Brooklyn-Queens Connector Director Adam Giambrone, New York and New Jersey Port Authority Chief Technology Officer Robert Galvin, Alstom Vice President Scott Sherin, and Cubic Transportation Systems Vice President Andy Taylor. The panel, moderated by The Stewart Group President Lecia Stewart, explored the many ways technology is helping to make our cities more integrated, connected and efficient.

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