Build Our Way Out: Investing in Our Future when Our Present is in Turmoil

For decades, governments have used “shovel ready” infrastructure projects to jumpstart economic activity and get people back to work in times of uncertainty. However, most of these projects are large, complex and have multi-level jurisdictional challenges. History has shown that these obstacles can limit how quickly money is actually returned to the economy.

Infrastructure can and should play a significant role in our “return to normal,” but it will be important to distinguish between the complex regional projects that we need and the projects that may be smaller in scale but are truly “shovel ready.”

Join us for a lively panel discussion uncovering lessons from past infrastructure projects and learn from the challenges—and the triumphs.




Lecia Stewart | President, Stewart Group

Kevin Desmond | CEO, TransLink
Alan Hart | Founding Principal, VIA Architecture
Bob Hastings | Agency Architect, TriMet

Duncan Wlodarczak | Chief of Staff, Onni Group of Companies